Hunger Strike in Den Haag, It a High time to Act, Tibet is Dying.

Since the 2008 uprising in Tibet, The situation in Tibet has been deteriorating. Particularly, as of March this year, it has become ever more tense and urgent with the increasing cases of self-immolation by young Tibetans who find China’s occupation and repression of Tibet intolerable. Ten young Tibetans have already self-immolated this year.

To draw attention to the deteriorating situation in Tibet and to express solidarity with the Tibetans in Tibet. Tibetan Community Netherland, International Campaign of Tibet and Tibet Support Group Netherland is organizing a 12hour Hunger Strike in front of the Dutch Parliament.

When = Wednesday, 16th November.
Time = 9 am to 6 pm
Where = Het Plein, Den Haag.
Bus service = Bus leaving from front of Victoria Hotel Amsterdam from 7am
back from Den Haag around 6.30pm.
Contact = Norbu Dhondup 0681698040
Karma Ngawang 0624849886

We call upon all Tibetans and Tibet supporters in the free world to join efforts.
Thank you.

Tibetan Community
Tibetan community is a non-profit organisation, with the main goal to save Tibetan unique culture and environment. We also hope to help Tibetans in Tibet through continuing education, health care and social awareness to resolve the hardships of Tibetan"s in need.
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