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Tibetan community holds worldwide vigil A protest has been held in Amsterdam to call attention to a spate of self-immolations in Tibet. The demonstration drew about hundred Tibetan supporters. Despite freezing temperatures, they gathered at Dam Square in the centre of the city to light ritual fires and chant prayers before marching to Central... Continue Reading
Another Wave of Self-Immolation Amidst Increased Police Presence
FEBRUARY 6, 2012, — The Central Tibetan Administration is deeply concerned and alarmed over the recent news of three more self-immolations having taken place in Serthar (Sichuan) on Friday, February 3, 2012. Unconfirmed reports state that three Tibetans were involved, two of them aged in their 60s and 30s respectively.... Continue Reading
Wereldwijde wake tegen Chinees geweld in Tibet , 8 februari
In Nederland: 8 februari van 17:00-19:00 uur op de Dam in Amsterdam Tibet groepen wereldwijd houden op woensdag 8 februari een wake uit solidariteit met het Tibetaanse volk. In Amsterdam, Tilburg en Breda komen Tibetanen en Tibet supporters samen om de slachtoffers van de zelfverbrandingen te herdenken en aandacht te... Continue Reading
Disturbing images of Tibet protests reach exile
DHARAMSHALA, February 3: More disturbing images of Chinese brutality in Tibet have reached exile. The photos are from the January 24 protests that engulfed Serthar in eastern Tibet where a large crowd of Tibetans gathered in the central town and started raising slogans calling for Tibet’s independence. Over 600 Chinese... Continue Reading